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frequently asked questions plastic parts manufacturing


Frequently asked questions about our process, materials, development, and delivery of plastic parts manufacturing.

Are your parts manufactured in the United States?

Murray Plastics believes in U.S. manufacturing. We endeavor to source our materials and sell our products in Georgia as proud supporters of the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance.

Our desire is to have Murray Plastics manufacture your products or components in the U.S. with a globally competitive cost and lead time.

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How do you optimize your lead time?

No matter how foolproof a process appears, there will always be unique ways that it may run off course. When you look at potential problems openly, you can also plan for contingency plans as early as now and add that consideration to your lead time.

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What kinds of resin / materials are used most often?

These are the most important factors to consider when going through resin selection:

  • Melt flow
  • Fillers like minerals and glass, and how they affect performance
  • Surface requirements
  • Tensile strength, elongation, and modulus
  • Price, availability, moldability, and colorability
  • Regulations to comply with (ISO, FDA, RoHS, etc.)
  • Global compliance requirements (EU, NAFTA, etc.)

Remember that the price you are projecting for the part you are making would depend on the resin’s cost.

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What should be considered regarding packaging?

Packaging is a crucial part of any process - not just because it sells the product, but because it greatly influences the integrity and quality of the product.

This is why in the plastic part manufacturing industry, great care is placed into designing and planning the kind of packaging to be used on the plastic parts.

1) Size or Number

2) Transport and Distribution

3) Price

4) End Use

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