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Injection Molded Plastics


We have over 20 years of experience manufacturing injection molded plastics. Injection molding plastics takes expertise in engineering, design, and mold building to deliver the superior results our customers have come to expect.
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Murray Plastics is a proud manufacturer of plastic injection molding components used in industrial, welding, and packaging applications. As a long-time manufacturing partner of one of the largest welding companies for whom we injection mold over 46 parts, including handles and flowmeter components, we're well-equipped to accommodate a variety of plastic injection molding needs.

Working with materials ranging from ABS and acetal to polyurethane and thermoplastic, our services are appropriate for small plastic parts through large components. 

We offer flexibility in our production to accommodate your needs.   We are experts with numerous commodity and engineering resins.  We can manufacture parts weighing a fraction of an ounce to over 2 pounds. 

Injection Molding Machines

  • Mitsubishi 120 Ton – 9oz shot
  • Milicron 125 Ton – 7.5 oz shot
  • Milicron 225 Ton – 12 oz shot
  • Milicron 225 Ton – 15.8 oz shot
  • Milicron 310 Ton – 36 oz shot
  • Milicron 400 Ton – 54 oz shot


Additional Equipment

  • Surface Grinding
  • 3 CNC machines
  • 2 Lathe, 20-inch swing radial arm drill
  • In house Micro and TIG welding
  • 3 Ultra Sonic welding machines
  • Pantograph
  • Engravings and Logos

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